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Available credits

  • Spring Health, India. 

  1. We have 18.5kt available right now. Another 10kt are in the process of verification/issuance, likely in the spring. In total, we have 3 VPAs =30kt/year.

  2. More detailed information, including videos. 

  • Spouts, Uganda: 

  1. We have 55kt under the final stages of verification and issuance review, looking at issuance within March 2020. This is from three VPAs. We are now also validating two additional VPAs. So in total we have 5 VPAs = 50kt/y. This is expected to keep growing in the coming years. 

  2. More detailed information, including videos.

  3. For example, the project was reviewed by a NAtional Geographic mini documentary on Spouts  

  • Ethiopia. 

  1. We are validating a pilot VPA = 10kt; we expect issuance in mid 2020. We have plans to scale it up. 

  2. More detailed information

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