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Our Contributions
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More poor households have access to clean drinking water
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The project helps reduce diseases related to unsafe drinking water and air pollution from boiling it
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Information campaigns and street theater help educate people about health risks from unsafe drinking water
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This project ensures access to safe drinking water in rural areas of India
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The project has created 750 jobs for engineers, scientists, project managers, chlorine production, and in water sale and distribution
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Safe drinking water is made accessible for poorer families
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Families avoid carbon emissions from boiling their drinking water and they need less wood or coal which protects local forests from deforestation
Clean drinking water... 

Today, around 780 million people worldwide lack access to a treated water source mainly in rural areas, and another 3 billion people in urban and peri urban areas do not always have safe drinking water due to failing piped water systems and other reasons. In India alone, only 32% of households use treated drinking water.


This leads to water borne diseases, which are a leading cause of illness in developing countries, contributing to the death of approximately two million children every year.

A simple and affordable supply of safe drinking water can do a lot here. That is why this project organises the chemical treatment of water using chlorine. The chloride solution is made on site, and the water is conveniently available in small village shops or delivered to people's homes. There is no more need to boil the water, which thus saves additional carbon emissions.

...where it's not always
Spring Health has provided daily affordable clean
water to over 150,000 people in 250 villages.

Spring Health, in Partnership with Aqua for All:

  • Delivers clean water to over 30,000 households (over 150,000 people) on a daily basis.

  • Is operational in over 250 villages in rural Odisha, India.

  • Provides home delivery of clean water for $0.07 per day.

  • Utilizes a decentralized hub-and-spoke model to keep operational costs low and enable rapid expansion, in order to solve the Last Mile Distribution problem.

  • Utilizes partnerships and incentive-based profit sharing with local village shop owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Provides services for up to 1,000 people in each village.

  • Utilizes Electro-chlorination technology to purify water.

  • Electro-chlorination plants cost $250 to install and are capable of producing enough chlorine to sanitize 80,000L of water per day.

Spring Health provides water to the poorest populations as well as to the rural middle class. 54% of our customers are lower castes and minorities with household income of Rs. 3,600 ($60) to 12,000 ($200) per month.

Spring Health has increased the income of its local entrepreneurs by over 50%.

Spring Health has created over 600 new jobs across the value chain.

Reduction of stomach ailments and diarrhea is estimated at 29% among Spring Health customers.

Zero effluent generated, no waste of water.

With the help of its investors, Spring Health aims to have a positive impact on the health and livelihoods of over
5 million people in five years
Carbon Certification

The project is generating Gold Standard Verified Emission Reductions (VERs).

The project is already operational on the ground and generating tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon emission reductions each year:

An initial pilot was formally registered under the Gold Standard in 2016. In 2017, VERs for 20,000tCO2 were issues for the years 2015/16. Starting from 2018, the project will issue an additional 10,000tCO2/year for the next 19 years. See carbon credits registration documents here.

An additional 30,000tCO2/year is expected to be registered in 2018.

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Spring Health

Spring Health

Spring Health
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Rural India gets safe Drinking Water at just 30 Paisa per Litre

Rural India gets safe Drinking Water at just 30 Paisa per Litre

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Spring Health Safe Drinking Water - 2 minute video

Spring Health Safe Drinking Water - 2 minute video

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Spring Health 3 Min

Spring Health 3 Min

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