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Founder & Managing Director | Chicago, USA

Dr Federico Gallo has international expertise in quantitative environmental finance, and has advised top decision makers including aides to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon.


Since completing his PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge in 2005, Federico has been applying advanced quantitative modeling skills to help solve today’s environmental and social challenges, in particular by developing market based solutions. His early work at the RAND Corporation received international media coverage, including the Economist Magazine, the BBC, and the Guardian.


In 2007, Federico joined the British Government, where he led the development of a set of innovative models to quantify and analyze renewable energy and carbon finance, including carbon markets. The models played a crucial role both nationally, for example in supporting the UK Climate Change Act of 2008, and internationally, for example supporting the Prime Minister on a number of occasions, such as in preparation for Gordon Brown’s G8 meeting in Japan in 2008.


Federico has also been very active on the international arena. In 2009, under the British Foreign Office, he led an international collaboration to support the development of the national carbon finance modeling capabilities in India, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. For example, in 2010 he led a team at the Mexican Finance Ministry to quantify its proposal for a Global Green Fund. Findings by Federico were formally endorsed by the United Nations Secretary-General (UN AGF Report), and paved the road for today’s Green Climate Fund. Federico is also a regular adviser to international organizations, including the World Bank and the United Nations.


Since 2012 Federico has also been actively involved with the private sector. His focus on designing, financing and developing commercial environmental projects around the world. Examples include a growing portfolio of safe drinking water projects across Africa and South Asia, as well as renewable energy projects.


A concrete example of Federico's commercial portfolio is Clean Water in Orissa. By leveraging his expertise in international carbon finance policy, he was able to create an innovative revenue stream that is helping finance Spring Health, a cutting edge local start up with a business model that is bringing safe drinking water to millions of people who are currently not served by government services. 


Federico holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cambridge University and a BSc in Theoretical Physics from King’s College London.

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