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Certifications Specialist | Bologna, Italy

Francesca Romiti is an economist and finance specialist with over 10 years of professional experience in management of International funds and implementation of complex projects.


She holds a Masters degree in Economics from University of Pisa and a master specialization in International cooperation with developing countries.


Her knowledge and experience cover several areas with a specific focus on:  finance for development, project development, international program evaluation, European funding.


In 2000 she worked as a consultant, for the “Justice Foundation” that with the Italian Foreign Affair Ministry realized a debt swap operation for Zambia and Guinea Conakry.


In 2003 she worked as Programme Coordinator in Mozambique for a micro-finance program realized in Maputo and, later, in several Italian NGOs as project manager responsible for economic projects in Africa.

From 2007 she began working for the University of Bologna as an adviser and project manager for European Research programs in the Environment – Energy and ICT areas.


Since then, she has been working as an expert in European funding for several Italian Universities, Research institutes and private companies providing services in various fields of project planning and implementation including feasibility studies, project design and financial projections.


At Believe Green shes is in charge of managing and coordinating international development projects, with a particular focus on leveraging innovative sources of finance. As an example of her work, she is overseeing the formal process to certify carbon emission reductions in projects like our carbon for water project in Ethiopia. 

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